Operation Pegasus 1


Pegasus 1 was a great success and arose much interest during and after the war. Several books have been published about this operation and many soldiers and civilians, who were involved in this operation, received an award for their contribution. About Pegasus 2, the second escape attempt that failed, much less is known.

After Pegasus 1, about 150 British paratroopers still remained, who for various reasons, had not been able to join at Pegasus 1. The Germans had also taken note of the great success of Pegasus 1, which got a lot of attention of the British media. The Germans were furious about letting go of such a big loot. Therefore, they decided, by any means, to prevent the remaining paratroopers from escaping. There were frequent patrols and the Rhine was heavily guarded.

Yet there was an attempt to transfer the remaining Allies over the Rhine. On November 18th, a group of about 100 paratroopers was on their way to the Rhine to make a crossing. Very early, they met a German patrol, which caused the procession of refugees to fall apart. Seven out of the approximately 100 men who participated in Pegasus 2, managed to make the crossing. About 30 men were captured and about 50 men escaped from German hands.


Airborne Division. Military specialized in parachute landings.

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Chrit Houben
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David Izelaar
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